stress reliefPeople suffering from anxiety and depression know that the illnesses can be debilitating and can take over your life. It’s difficult to go to sleep, work, and enjoy regular activities. With anxiety, being in a constant state of panic can turn into physical illness like heart disease.

Depression sufferers often feel sadness and hopelessness which can affect appetite, sleep and relations. Similar to anxiety, depression can increase health problems such as heart disease and will increase the chances of becoming obese.

Turning to prescription medication for relief can experience a long list of side effects, with some causing damage to the body. Chinese Acupuncture Clinic and Oriental Herbs offers natural solutions in the form of acupuncture and the use of Chinese herbology to combat these conditions. Emotions can become unbalanced if energy and blood is not properly circulated. If there is a blockage in the flow then stress and anxiety is often the result.

Our staff of trained acupuncturists, with the use of herbal remedies, can reduce the amount of anxiety and sadness in your life. Our treatment style will be one that focuses on kindness and compassion to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Contact Chinese Acupuncture Clinic and Oriental Herbs in Naperville, IL to treat depression and provide stress relief through acupuncture.